Internship position available for a master student at Pectcof

Working at the interface of Food and Chemical Technology



About PectCof

PectCof (, founded in 2012, develops a proprietary technology to transform the side stream of coffee pulp biomass into high valuable bio compounds. The coffee pulp (skin and flesh of the cherry) is transformed into valuable functional ingredients. The first product launch will be Dutch Gum, that has shown to be substantially more effective as stabilizer and emulsifier compared to actual incumbents. Pectcof is located at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo

Internship topic

One of the processing steps is the filtration of the process stream. This filtration step is performed using nanofiltration technology. During this internship further process improvement will be performed, i.e. on flux, up-time and required cleaning sequences. This will require an in-depth understanding of the interface behavior of a complex matrix of substances.

Required background, i.e.:

We are looking for a (master) student with the following educational profile:

– Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, i.e. Eindhoven University of Technology

– Food Technology, i.e. Wageningen University or HAS Den Bosch / Venlo

The internship will start as from April 2022 and will take 6 months. As a student you are a selfstarter, hands-on and you have a ‘’getting-it-done’’ attitude.

More information?

More information on working at this exciting start-up, please contact Rene Kurvers, Director Chemical Engineering and Custom Manufacturing, by email:

If you require more information about Dutchgum, the technology and/or our role please contact us.