Unlocking the potential of coffee pulp

Hans Verhoef

Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: +31 6 20537977
Email: hans.verhoef@pectcof.com

Rudi Dieleman

Director and Co-founder
Telephone: +31 6 20218712
Email: rudi.dieleman@pectcof.com

Femke Vertregt

Research and Development
Telephone: +31 6 57662423
Email: femke.vertregt@pectcof.com

The team

In March 2011, Rudi Dieleman (Dutch) became one of the founders of Pectcof. His entrepreneurial spirit has guided the company ever since.

Since April 2015 we have added a Chief Executive Officer to our team, Hans Verhoef (Dutch), who has experience in letting start-up companies grow toward commercialization.

Since December 2015 we have added another team member to our company, Femke Vertregt, who brings in a molecular view on our product and consequently our technology.

Business information

Pectcof B.V.
Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 54989906
VAT number: NL851518989B01

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