Unlocking the potential of coffee pulp

Dutch Gum

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The idea of Pectcof

The idea of Pectcof is to transform coffee cherries, a side stream of the coffee chain, into valuable bio-compounds used for production of food ingredients, biochemicals and second generation bio-fuels. Pectcof technology uses a biorefinery concept with green chemistry and state of the art biotechnology to do so.

Pectcof technology unlocks the potential of the coffee pulp as a source of bio based materials, at the same time detoxifying the waste stream produced by the second most traded commodity in the world.


RCT de vallei
Food Valley
EIT Climate KIC
Bio base Europe
Wageningen UR
Centre for biobased economy

If you require more information about Pectcof's technology, our products and/or our team please contact us.